The Best Songs for a Memorable Vals Dance (2023)

Are you looking for the perfect songs to create an unforgettable Vals dance? Look no further! At CancionesPara, we have curated a list of the best songs for your special Vals dance. From romantic classics to modern and original tunes, we will help you find the perfect melody that will make your Vals dance truly magical. So, get ready to dance to the rhythm of love and let the music guide you!

Discover the Best Spanish Songs for Vals Dance

The Vals is a musical genre and dance rhythm that is elegant and romantic. Here are some ideal Spanish songs for your Vals dance:

  1. "A mi manera" - Julio Iglesias

    • This beautiful song by Julio Iglesias is perfect for a romantic and graceful Vals dance. The heartfelt lyrics and soothing melody will create a magical atmosphere.
  2. "Sabor a mí" - Luis Miguel

    • Luis Miguel's rendition of "Sabor a mí" is a classic choice for a Vals dance. The smooth vocals and nostalgic lyrics will transport you to a world of romance.
  3. "Bésame mucho" - Consuelo Velázquez

    • "Bésame mucho" is a timeless song that has been covered by numerous artists. The tender lyrics and passionate melody make it an excellent choice for a Vals dance.
  4. "Contigo aprendí" - Armando Manzanero

    • Armando Manzanero's "Contigo aprendí" is a beloved song that beautifully captures the essence of love. Its poetic lyrics and gentle rhythm are perfect for a romantic Vals dance.
  5. "El día que me quieras" - Carlos Gardel

    • Carlos Gardel's iconic tango, "El día que me quieras," can be adapted for a Vals dance. The passionate lyrics and captivating melody will add a touch of drama to your dance.
  6. "Historia de un amor" - Eydie Gormé y Los Panchos

    • This classic bolero, performed by Eydie Gormé and Los Panchos, is a popular choice for a Vals dance. The heartfelt lyrics and harmonious vocals will create a romantic ambiance.
  7. "La gloria eres tú" - Pedro Infante

    • Pedro Infante's "La gloria eres tú" is a beautiful song that expresses deep love and admiration. Its melodic arrangement and heartfelt lyrics make it a perfect choice for a Vals dance.
  8. "Unchained Melody" - Il Divo (Spanish version)

    • Il Divo's Spanish version of "Unchained Melody" is a modern take on a classic song. The powerful vocals and emotional lyrics will add a touch of grandeur to your Vals dance.
  9. "Como yo te amé" - Luis Miguel

    • Luis Miguel's "Como yo te amé" is a heartfelt ballad that beautifully captures the intensity of love. Its emotional lyrics and melodic composition are ideal for a passionate Vals dance.
  10. "Si nos dejan" - Luis Miguel

    • Another beautiful song by Luis Miguel, "Si nos dejan," is a romantic declaration of love. Its tender lyrics and melodic arrangement will make your Vals dance truly special.

These songs are perfect for creating a romantic and magical atmosphere during your Vals dance. Enjoy these beautiful tunes and let the music guide your steps! Remember, each couple can choose the song that best represents them and suits their style. So, embrace the joy of dancing the Vals in Spanish!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best Vals songs to use in a wedding or special event? A: There are many wonderful Vals songs that are perfect for weddings or special events. Here are some recommendations:

  1. "Vals de las Mariposas" - Juan Pablo Manzanero

    • This beautiful melody is ideal for the first dance of the newlyweds. The lyrics and music convey romance and tenderness.
  2. "El Vals de las Flores" - Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky

    • This classic piece from the ballet "The Nutcracker" adds elegance and sophistication to a wedding or special event. Its delicate and gentle melody is perfect for a graceful dance.
  3. "A mi manera" - Frank Sinatra

    • Although not a traditional Vals, this song is often chosen for the couple's dance. The lyrics speak of living life on one's own terms and are perfect for expressing the uniqueness of the couple.
  4. "Por una cabeza" - Carlos Gardel

    • Originally a tango, this song can also be adapted for a Vals dance. Its nostalgic melody and passionate lyrics create a romantic atmosphere.
  5. "Vals para una novia" - Alejandro Jaén

    • This song was specifically written for weddings and is perfect for the couple's dance. The lyrics speak of eternal love and the promise of being together until the end.

Remember, the choice of Vals song depends on the couple's style and preferences. The most important thing is to choose a song that represents the love and connection between the couple. Enjoy your Vals dance and create unforgettable memories!

Q: What are some classic Vals songs recommended for an elegant and romantic dance performance? A: For an elegant and romantic dance performance, here are some classic Vals songs that we recommend:

  1. "Sobre las Olas" - Juventino Rosas

    • This is one of the most well-known and iconic Vals songs. Its gentle and enchanting melody creates a romantic ambiance, perfect for an elegant dance performance.
  2. "Danubio Azul" - Johann Strauss II

    • "Danubio Azul" is a timeless classic that is synonymous with the Vals dance. Its joyful rhythm and charming melody make it a popular choice for Vals dance performances.
  3. "Valse Sentimentale" - Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky

    • This beautiful piece of classical Russian music is perfect for conveying deep emotions and romance through dance. Its delicate and melancholic melody captivates listeners.
  4. "Vals de las Flores" - Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky

    • Extracted from the ballet "The Nutcracker," this Vals is a lovely choice for an elegant and romantic dance performance. Its light and joyful rhythm evoke images of grace and beauty.
  5. "Adiós Nonino" - Astor Piazzolla

    • If you're looking for a more modern but equally romantic option, this tango-vals by the renowned Argentine composer is an excellent choice. Its combination of passion and melancholy creates an intense and emotional atmosphere.

Remember, the choice of Vals song should align with the style and skill level of the dancers, as well as the theme and atmosphere you wish to create in your performance.

Q: What contemporary songs adapt well to the rhythm of Vals and can be used in a choreography? A: There are several contemporary songs that adapt well to the rhythm of Vals and can be used in a choreography. Here are some options:

  1. "Vivir mi vida" - Marc Anthony

    • This song has a lively and joyful rhythm that lends itself perfectly to a Vals dance. "Vivir mi vida" is a highly popular and well-known song, making it an ideal choice for a captivating choreography.
  2. "Bailando" - Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona

    • Although originally a Latin dance song, "Bailando" can be easily adapted to the rhythm of Vals. Its catchy rhythm and romantic lyrics make it an interesting choice for a Vals choreography.
  3. "La Flaca" - Jarabe de Palo

    • This song has a smooth and melodic rhythm that fits perfectly with the Vals dance. "La Flaca" is a recognizable song with emotional lyrics, making it a great option for a nostalgic choreography.
  4. "Mi Persona Favorita" - Alejandro Sanz ft. Camila Cabello

    • This duet between two renowned artists has a romantic and sweet melody that blends well with the Vals rhythm. "Mi Persona Favorita" is an ideal choice for an intimate and emotional choreography.

Remember, these are just a few suggestions, and there are many other contemporary songs that can be adapted to the Vals rhythm. The final choice will depend on the style and theme you want to convey in your choreography.


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